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We do not have to suffer from constant stress and anxiety, because now there is an ultra effective, tried and tested way of dealing with stressful issues through regular soothing thoughtless awareness meditation. With just 15 minutes silent meditation a day, you will start to see a marked decrease in your stressful symptoms, and over time you will be able to dissolve stressful thoughts on demand, sleep better and maintain a balanced outlook on life no matter what.

Great book for anyone who wants to de-stress. It really does work!
​Kay O'Connell - Amazon Review
  • Learn how to meditate at home
  • Use the power of silence to dissolve stressful thoughts
  • Use our weekly exercises to control your attention and reduce anxiety

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This website is a companion to the Meditation For Stress book by Nigel Powell. The material on this website is designed to complement the book and help you get more out of your meditation from day to day. NOTE: You do not have to buy the book in order to sign up for the course, although you may find it helpful to use the two together.

If you have any questions about the book, course or any other aspect of meditation, thoughtless awareness or general issues relating to stress, please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the site.